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The Smell of a Cup of Coffee

you do not smell coffee in an amsterdam coffeeshop.

visiting amsterdam?

'Stoot je hoofd niet' or do not hurt your head. This website, coming soon, tells you how to have a great time in amsterdam without headaches.

Low Budget Amsterdam

Explore Amsterdam on a low budget or for free. Tips from genuine locals, simple and friendly.

Top 10 Tips

What to do in Amsterdam now?

Free Cannabis

Amsterdam and The Netherlands are front-runners in Europe when it comes to the decriminalisation of cannabis. However, other EU countries see this as negative and stopped the Dutch in further going liberalisation. Not everyone does accept that for a fact.

Amsterdam Canals

Close to the red light district and the old harbour.

Enjoying herbal Tea


Ofcourse you can get great espresso. Go to a Cafee for that.